Friday, March 25, 2011

Unrelated to hardcore, but what genre of music do you prefer?

I consider myself a man of many musical genres. I listen to just about anything and play many different genres in many different scenarios. I play trombone in a concert band and I play guitar in a jazz band and metal/hardcore band as well as working with an orchestral pit as a guitar player. I also play all sorts of genres on my own time. But what types of genre's do you prefer? And if you're a musician which ones do you pursue the most?

Underoath, the classic example of post hardcore.

It was not really long ago that I first got into Underoath. I mean, this is especially surprising because Underoath was one of the innovators of post hardcore music and the type of metal that I listen to. Although I do listen to a lot of different types of metal and other genres alike. But, I digress.... The thing about Underoath that I think may scare people off is their nature of being a Christian band. I'm not a really religious person and it's not like Underoath "changed me" or anything. I just enjoy their music. And what's so wrong with that? If you've heard Underoath, what you do you think about them? Do you like them, do you dislike them? What are your opinions on this band?